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Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. I’m not going to lie; I do love a big wedding because there’s lots for me to photograph. But if a big wedding fills you with dread, then small and intimate may well be the way to go! Here’s a brief guide to small, intimate weddings à la Tall Long Legged Bird!

How small and intimate are we talking?


Great question! Because everyone’s idea of small and intimate is different, definitely. A cosy wedding could be the two of you, your photographer (ahem!) and your celebrant. You might go larger with a couple of witnesses, or have your folks and absolute favourite family and friends. It’s easy to see how small and intimate can grow to big and formal in no time!

I like to think about small and intimate weddings from the perspective of a dinner table. How many people can you fit around a decent-sized table for a meal and all be able to hear each other and converse together? I’d say you’re looking at around 20-30 people at most with that in mind.

Why go small and intimate?


There are lots of reasons for taking the small and intimate route with your wedding day. Maybe you’re a shy couple who don’t want all the fuss and attention. Or you want something quick and easy to mark the occasion. You might have been together forever and getting wed is a formality for you at this stage! Budget is another important factor, and a small, intimate wedding will mean lower cost, which can be appealing. There’s the possibility of complicated family dynamics as well. Sometimes it’s easier to elope than have to deal with the complexities of your extended family relationships! Or maybe the priority for you is to exchange those vows and get wed, over having a big party.

Whatever your reasons, small and intimate brings meaning to your wedding day in ways no other can.

Barley Wood wedding Photographer
Barley Wood wedding Photographer

Ideas for small and intimate weddings

So, what are your options if you decide to go this route? Actually, there are quite a few!

You could opt for a simple elopement, just the two of you. The pros of that are you can jump in a car and opt for anywhere in the country. You can even ask your photographer to act as a witness. I’ve seen elopements where couples have asked random people off the street to do it, which feels fun and exciting!

A small registry office wedding is totally doable. Thankfully, we have some beautiful registry offices in the South West. Bath’s registry office, as an example, is gorgeous.

Small and intimate doesn’t mean you have to avoid the grand venues, though. Historic spaces like the Roman Baths are perfect for a small wedding, and the photos will look amazing. Further afield, beautiful venues like Magdalen College Chapel (where this gorgeous wedding with Harriet and Lars took place) add a depth of grandeur and importance to even the smallest wedding. Check out the link for some more inspiration on small, intimate wedding venues around Bath.

Barley Wood wedding Photographer
Barley Wood wedding Photographer
Barley Wood wedding Photographer

-About COVID-19 –

Of course, I have to mention the existing pandemic situation with regards to small and intimate weddings. These are the only option right now given current government guidelines and restrictions. I would advise you to check the guidelines if you’re planning a wedding right now.

As far as photography goes, I make several promises to all my couples going the small wedding route in the existing situation. First of all, I’ll shoot your wedding with honesty, reflecting the current circumstances, but in a positive and joyful way because this is still your wedding, whatever the situation! I will, of course, do my very best to maintain physical distancing rules at all times. People have asked about group shots in this current climate, and I will still photograph them. They just might not look as close and snug as they would have done before. But we’ll figure it out, and I’ll do my best to get those shots for you.

Barley Wood wedding Photographer
Barley Wood wedding Photographer
Barley Wood wedding Photographer

– What I’m offering –

I’m itching to photograph more weddings, in whatever capacity. So I’ve popped this small, intimate wedding package together which will be available over the coming months.

The offer covers photography for your ceremony, groups and some fun photographs around and about afterwards. For these smaller events, I’m finding that 2-3 hours is plenty enough.

For local weddings in Bath, Bristol and the South West (within 20 miles of Bath) you can take advantage of my very special offer. Up to three hours of photography coverage for just £600, with your photos being ready for you in five days.

This offer will only run until April 2022.

Why choose me to capture your intimate wedding 


If you’ve decided small and intimate is the way to go and you’d like to take advantage of my offer, please do get in touch and let’s get you booked in!

Barley Wood wedding Photographer
Barley Wood wedding Photographer
Barley Wood wedding Photographer

Contact me if you want to book a meeting, fancy a nice glossy brochure?

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