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A Family Photo Shoot Offer You Shouldn’t Miss!


I’d love to get away with writing this post and not using the COVID word, but it’s not possible. So, embracing the elephant in the room, I’m going to dive right in and share an awesome idea I’ve had with you all.

You all know I’m a wedding photographer here in Bath, Bristol, Somerset and beyond. But due to the dreaded virus, weddings are one of the things that have succumbed to the rules of lockdown this year. I’d kind of resigned myself to not shooting anything this summer. But the other day I was able to go and do a family shoot and, you know what? I really enjoyed it! So, it gave me the idea to put out a family photoshoot offer, for Bath and beyond, which I’m going to tell you about right now.


Who To Bring

First off, let’s talk about who these family photoshoots are for. As much as I’d love to say bring the whole family, government guidelines don’t permit that right now. So it’s not really suitable to bring the extended family.

These shoots are for you and your immediates. Your little ones – I quite like children. I used to be a nanny and a childminder, so I’m rather good at getting them to smile for me and my camera! Your pets – I love dogs but feel free to bring whatever pets you want, pet sheep are always a bit of fun!

I’m not going to deny you bringing along a grandparent if you want to. Just bear in mind I’ll be getting you to clamber over rocks and climb trees, not have you all sitting still for a nice smiley photograph. Active grandparents only, please!

What To Wear


There are no hard and fast rules but I do advise choosing classic outfits that you all feel comfortable in. Make sure you look like yourselves. If your little girl doesn’t want to wear a frilly dress and is more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, then go with it! Dress for the activity as well. I wouldn’t recommend getting your super high heels on if we’re going for a walk in the countryside if you know what I mean. Costumes are welcome and a change of clothes too if you like. Whatever makes you happy!

fighting boy
Strong boy
jumping boy

Where To Go

Given the current situation, outdoors locations are the order of the day. Which opens up a whole bunch of places I can suggest.

If you’ve got one of those nice houses with a huge rambling garden, I can come to you and we can spend an afternoon out there.

Otherwise, there are a whole host of beautiful locations to choose from. Local woods and parks immediately spring to mind. I’ve got a beautiful meadow right outside my front door so you’re more than welcome to come here.

Wherever you choose, we’ll go for a long, relaxing walk together where I can get plenty of candid shots of you all. Shots of you playing in a stream, swinging from a tree rope, climbing the trees. This is about fun, love and laughter and all of you spending some fun time together and getting great photos of that. Not those static formal shots you might typically expect!

child playing
three brothers
Playing on the swing rope

The Rules and Money Stuff


This is a one per family offer, as in parents and little ones and includes shoots within a 20-mile radius of BA2 0DD. I am happy to travel further afield but there will be an additional charge of 45p per mile.

I’m offering a 2-hour shoot on location for £200, while a 1-hour garden shoot will be £150.

I can also design and print a photo book of some of your chosen images for £200. I don’t have any samples of these yet but I can promise you, they’ll be the bee’s knees!

For my previous wedding clients, you’ll get an extra special offer. The 2-hour shoot will be yours for £150. Maybe you’ve got little ones now and you want some gorgeous family photos. Or maybe you want more photos of the two of you looking all loved up. I’ll book either shoot in for you guys!

I’m keeping this offer open from now until the 10th August 2020. So…

How To Book

To get the ball rolling, email me!

We’ll make a plan, arranging a time and date for your shoot. I recommend evening shoots after 5.30 pm, so we can get that gorgeous, warm evening light in your photographs. But this is flexible and we can always reevaluate on the day if the weather isn’t up to much. I’ll also only be booking one shoot per day to allow for any weather issues.

Once we’ve figured out a date and time, I’ll get you to secure the date by booking in using my online booking system, where you can pay for the shoot too. You’ll need to make full payment at the time of booking.

I’ll keep an eye on the weather and be in touch a couple of days before your shoot. Don’t worry about if it does start raining on your booked date. We can always reschedule! Frankly, I don’t look great in the rain and I wouldn’t want my cameras to conk out either!

So, if you fancy a relaxed walk out and about with someone who happens to take pretty awesome photographs, contact me now to make the most of this offer! I’ll be looking forward to meeting up with you!


The Old Farmhouse, Castle Farm, Farmborough, Bath, BA2 0DD
Tel: 07809 459478

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