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Why A Tall Long Legged Bird Is the Best Choice for Your Destination Wedding Photography


Last year, I was lucky enough to jump on a couple of planes and make some pretty short flights to Greece and Crete and it got me thinking about destination weddings and how I might be able to capture more of them. I’ll be honest and say I’d never really had much interest in destination weddings before. I had my kids at home and pets to consider so spending days or weeks away from them never appealed to me. Well, now they’re all grown up and off into the big wide world, so there’s nothing stopping me anymore! With that in mind, here’s why A Tall Long Legged Bird is THE best choice for your destination wedding photography.

Have Passport, Will Travel


I’ve always been an efficient traveller. I love hopping on flights and heading to new locations and destinations to explore. So if I can take the opportunity to also capture some spectacular weddings in these locations, then that seems like a win-win situation to me!

Basically I’ve got travelling, even with my camera equipment, down to a fine art. And the beauty of hiring me to photograph your destination wedding is you’ll have me there for much more than the allotted wedding time—because I can’t go anywhere else! Here’s everything you need to know about working with me for your destination wedding, wherever you’re headed.

How I Work at Destination Weddings

Since I love to explore new places (or head back to places I’ve visited before), I take the opportunity to add some time to either side of your wedding. This means I’ll be at your destination for more than just the day itself. For this reason, I love to come along and socialise with you and your family before the day. It’s always a great way to build trust with your guests, especially when I’m about to wave a camera in their faces for most of your wedding day! Those extra events that you might have planned in the run up to your day are things that I can also capture as part of your whole wedding experience, too. I’m already at the location and not doing any other work, so why not have me photograph a big family breakfast or whatever you’ve got planned before your wedding?.

Groomsmen getting the groom ready
groomsmen posing Crete
groomsmen cheers with drinks

Costs to Consider


I do try to keep things simple when charging for destination wedding photography. Typically, I charge the normal day rate for a wedding plus two nights accommodation at around £100 a night as well as any additional expenses. This includes flights, transfers and parking at the airport. I’ll get you to pay those expenses upfront so I can go ahead and book my own flights and accommodation in good time for your wedding.

I totally understand the added costs might be something you’re worried about. But remember… I’ll be at your location specifically for your wedding day for several days which means I’m more than happy to pop along to any group activities you might have planned (with my camera, of course!). I’m always happy to plan a pre- or post-wedding shoot with you as well, which isn’t something you’d typically get when booking a local wedding photographer. Maybe you’d like a couple shoot on the beach at sunset or an early morning walk around town with just the two of you. Whatever sounds good to you, I’m always happy to capture it! Seriously, this is way more than your standard English wedding photography package. There’s something about that warm Mediterranean sunshine that makes work feel very much not like work!

bride and father arriving on the beach
groom cries
Bride reads her vows to the groom

Will You Know The Area?

While I may not have the same kind of local knowledge that a photographer from the area will have, I’m an excellent explorer. I make it my mission, when I first arrive in a new place, to go out and have a good look around for spots that look great for photos. It’s my belief that sometimes, when a place is too familiar, you don’t necessarily see things in the same way. As a visitor, with fresh eyes and excited to find new spots, I pick out locations that many local photographers wouldn’t consider, which makes for great unique photos for the two of you and your wedding!

rice being thrown over the bride and groom
Bride and groom walking on the beach
bride and groom enter wedding breakfast
Friend reading a reading aon the beach
Groom read vows to bride
Bride and groom on the beach kissing

Book A Destination Wedding Photographer Early!


Destination weddings usually take place in the summer, which is any wedding photographer’s busiest time of year. A destination wedding photography booking also means a photographer has to block out a number of days on their calendar. With those things in mind, the earlier you can book in, the better! As soon as you know your date and location, reach out to me and check my availability. Getting your date locked into my calendar means I won’t book any other weddings around that time, making sure I’m completely free to come and capture your incredible event.

Sounds good?


Then we should have a chat about your destination wedding plans. I’m super excited to hear where you’re headed. Drop me a message and let’s have a chat to see if I’m the right destination wedding photographer for you!
Drop me a message and let’s have a chat about your wedding plans.


brides father giving a speech
Kissing under the sun Kefaliona wedding
best man stood on a chair giving a speech
flower girls waiting at Kefaliona wedding
Bride and groom share wedding cake Kefaliona wedding
First dance Kefaliona wedding
groomsmen playing around
Bride and groom arrive for confetti
Bride and groom run through sparklers

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