Festival weddings are growing in popularity, and the Southwest is the perfect place to host one. 


With so many beautiful farm venues and rural locations, you have your pick of where to throw the party of a lifetime. I recently shot a festival wedding in the summer, and I’d love to get involved with some more in the future. The relaxed feel and outdoor nature of a festival wedding make the whole event fun and memorable.


What is a festival wedding?

At first glance, a festival wedding might look a little like your standard rustic wedding. You’ll probably pick up on things like hay bales and wildflowers, mason jars and plenty of bunting. However, look a little closer, and you can see that it’s a rustic wedding with a difference. Like the name implies, a festival wedding is inspired by the festival atmosphere. They’re informal, focus on entertainment, and offer fun for all the family. Some festival weddings even last multiple days, with camping provided for guests.


Choosing the perfect venue for festival weddings in the Southwest


If you’re a fan of festivals, and especially small festivals, you probably have a good idea of what sort of venue would work for a festival wedding. Farms and venues with large outdoor spaces are ideal for festival weddings, helping to create the informal and relaxed atmosphere that’s needed. The recent wedding I had the pleasure to shoot was at Radford Mill Farmin Tunley, near Bath. The venue offers a natural and eco-friendly environment to host a wedding, with two spots set up with festival essentials, like fire pits, toilets and showers and private camping space.

You can discover a huge range of festival wedding venues in the Southwest, whether you’re looking for a grand venue that happens to have a lot of land or somewhere more rustic. Countryside venues like Folly Farm Centre in Pensford, Bristol are ideal if you want to be surrounded by nature but also have the backup option of farm buildings in case it rains. Colehayes Park in Devon is another great option, with 20 acres of land and a Georgian mansion, which markets itself as a DIY wedding venue.



If you’re thinking about a festival wedding, you might still be wondering what you need to create the perfect festival wedding. Firstly, there’s the setting to consider. As well as choosing the right venue, you might think about using tipis, bell tents and yurts to set up party spaces or even accommodation for your guests. A bell tent offers a relaxed atmosphere that’s a bit more modern than a traditional marquee.



Entertainment is a vital element too. A festival wedding is all about turning your special day into a fun event, which means entertainment for everyone. Music is good to start with, and some wedding bands specialise in festival weddings. You can give your guests lots of things to do, whether it’s actively participating in something or entertainment they can watch. With something for everyone, your guests can wander around and find their own fun.

Why choose me to capture your Festival Wedding 

When it comes to photography, a relaxed style to go with the wedding theme is what you want. I’ll spend your wedding day capturing the festival fun without getting in the way.


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