Getting wed at Mud Dock Café

Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Getting Wed at Mud Dock Café, Bristol


IHere are a few little known facts about Bristol you may not have heard of. First, the HMV dog, Nipper, was from Bristol. Second, so was Darth Vader! And third, Bristol was named as the first cycling city in the UK back in 2008. I bring up that useful fact because I’m introducing one of my new favourite wedding venues in Bristol in this here blog post today – The Mud Dock! Here’s why you should celebrate getting wed at Mud Dock Café.

You’re a Bristolian


First off, if you’re a local living in Bristol, you already know what a great little city it is. It’s super fun, vibrant, and so relaxed. It’s a city that celebrates its street art. There’s always something going on (especially in the summer), and it’s packed full of amazing history. The locals are very proud of their city, and it’s easy to see why.

With such a fantastic city on your doorstep, why would you want to travel anywhere else to get wed? Even the funky neighbourhoods have something to offer here, like St Werburghs, which is even fun to say! And with a venue like Mud Dock ready and waiting for you, there are zero excuses to even consider somewhere else.

By the way, I’m based in Bath, which means I’m only a quick drive away from Bristol.

You love the water

On the outskirts of Bristol, you’ve got plenty of beaches to visit. But there’s also the River Avon, which cuts right through the city centre. And that’s where you’ll find Mud Dock Café because it’s located on a floating harbour in the middle of the city. So, if making the river a part of your wedding is important, you couldn’t choose a better venue, could you? Charlotte and Josh made the river a bit of an event on their wedding day. They took a boat ride up the river with their friends and family before heading to Mud Dock for their reception. So much fun!

Roman bath sunrise
Roman bath sunrise
Roman bath sunrise

You want fun and informal


If what you’re planning for your wedding day is leaning more towards a quickie ceremony and an epic party, then you can’t go far wrong here. First up, you can do the official bit at Bristol Register Office. It’s a beautiful building with some super grand ceremony rooms to add something special to your day. And, from there, it’s a 10-minute walk to Mud Dock Café. Just think of the photo opportunities as you’re walking through town!
If the register office isn’t your deal, Mud Dock Café is now licensed for ceremonies as well!

guest laughing
cute dog
brides speech

You love a bit of history

The area of town where Mud Dock Café is located is a place steeped in history. The floating harbour dates right back to the early 1800s, and it’s a fascinating place to walk around and explore when you’ve got time. That also means it’s an excellent spot for getting some unique backdrops for your wedding photos. If industrial and historic is your bag, then this place does it all for you.

Sunset ceremony Roman baths
Roman bath sunset ceremony
Bristol docks

You Love Cycling


Back to that earlier fact about Bristol! As a cycling city, it hardly seems surprising that the other side of Mud Dock is its bike shop and workshop! Yes, Mud Dock is a bike shop and café/restaurant hybrid. Apparently not that unusual these days, but it gives the venue a lovely quirkiness that you’ll love if that’s your thing.

The building itself is worth a mention here too. With its high ceilings and harbour views, it’s a space that’s chock full of personality. And the round window is quite the feature too.

Honestly, there’s so much to love about this venue. I’ll be here all day telling you how much I love it! Needless to say, I am already looking forward to my next wedding there, whenever that will be.

Why I should be your Mud Dock Wedding Photographer


Because I’m local,  I’ve shot here before and know the drill, plus, I also like to keep fit by running up and down their stairs all day while looking for fresh vantage points:)

If you’re getting married at Mud Dock Café and are on the hunt for your Bristol wedding photographer, we should talk! Get in touch, and let’s do this thing!

wedding photography Roman Baths
wedding photography Roman Baths
wedding photography Roman Baths

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