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In the event that your wedding is cancelled due to UK Government instructions relating to Covid-19, the date can be moved without incurring a postponement fee within a 12 month period. An additional fee increase will be due beyond 12 months. If I am unavailable for your new proposed date, an associate photographer will be provided at no extra costs. Alternatively, a portion of your booking fee will be refunded.

However, suppose you choose to postpone your wedding as there are currently, or you fear there may be covid restrictions still in place, i.e., restrictions on the number of guests who can attend. In that case, it is considered a cancellation, and you will forfeit your booking fee.

A Tall Long Legged Bird

23 March 2020 / updated 8th April 2021

These are strange and difficult times we’re going through right now. I can hardly believe I’m having to post this blog for you all. But here we are! Over the last few weeks, as I’m sure you all know we have been dealing with the increasing threat of the Covid-19 virus. It’s been slow progress. But what began as large concerts, gigs and events postponing have quickly become smaller events like weddings and parties too. There is a very good chance that your wedding has been affected in some way by the virus. So, I thought it best to release this post and let you know what processes I have in place for dealing with Covid-19 and your wedding photography booking.

If you need to postpone your wedding

Rest assured, I am doing everything in my power to facilitate postponements right now. If you are due to marry in the coming weeks and months and you have to postpone because of Government Enforced Cancellation, then please do get in touch and let me know. I’ll forward you a link to my online diary with all the dates that I am available and free to re-schedule your wedding on.


As per the contract you would have signed on first booking with me, the booking fee is non-refundable. However, it can be transferred over to a new date within 12 months of your original date and I will do everything possible to accommodate this. Please do discuss this with me if you have any concerns at all.

I do have to be strict with the booking fee as it does cover my time and expenses in the planning and lead up to your wedding day. Once I have your booking, I promise I don’t only sit there rubbing my hands together gleefully! There are always phone calls, meetings and emails going on behind the scenes. There’s also the possibility that I may have turned down other bookings for the same day, so the booking fee does also act as a way to protect my income.

If, however, you have taken out wedding insurance, please do get in touch with them. You may be able to claim the booking fee back that way in the event the wedding has to be cancelled completely. As I mentioned, in the first instance I am making every effort to re-schedule everyone’s wedding dates for when this horrible virus is finally at bay.


This is a great question and absolutely valid in the current climate! This process remains the same as it did pre-virus. I have a busy and full network of other amazing wedding photographers I can reach out to for assistance. So, I will do my utmost to ensure you get another great (and healthy!) photographer on your wedding day.

They’ll work as an associate for me. They’ll turn up to shoot the wedding and then I will edit the images, so you’ll still get your photographs in my distinctive style.

This network has always worked amazingly for many photographers in the past. It’s tried and tested, and we all help each other out when necessary. So, please do be reassured that it’s a solid system, should I need to utilise it at any time.


I am free and available on all the wedding dates that have been postponed or cancelled. What I’d love to do is offer all my couples a free couple shoot on the day you were meant to be getting married! I know it might seem like a bit of a consolation prize, but I figured it would be a great chance for us to get to know one another a bit more. You’ll also get some lovely photographs and I’ll keep my photography skills well lubricated. I’m a bit worried about going rusty with no weddings to shoot right now!

Of course, with safety and current health guidelines in mind, we’ll only do this if it is safe for us to do so. But there are plenty of wide-open spaces where we can meet in the countryside and we’ll make sure to stay well apart (long lenses are always useful!). There are always the woods or a favourite hilltop or whatever outdoor space takes your fancy.


I’ve had a few couples asking if there’s anything they can do to help in the current climate. I have suggested that, if it is doable, you are more than welcome to pay a part of your wedding photography balance now. That will mean less to pay when the balance is due – every silver lining! It is not obligatory though but thank you to those couples who have been able to do that so far.

Other things you can do which are free and always a big help are to share my social media posts and blogs as much as possible. And tell people about me! The coming months are going to be tough for us all and we small business owners need to try and stay afloat. So, if you can help with word-of-mouth advertising, then that would be amazing and very much appreciated.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients for your understanding at this time. Let’s all stick together and help each other as much as possible (well, while staying out of arms reach!). And please do stay safe.

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