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Alice Mae Who

14 June 2019

For the most part, being a wedding photographer is a pretty solitary life, unless you’re part of a team, such as the many talented husband and wife teams you can find all over the country. To all intents and purposes, I am alone​ photographer but, recently, I’ve been lucky enough to be ably assisted by my very talented daughter, Alice, and I’d love to introduce you to her here today.

I have two daughters – Grace and Alice, Alice is 18 and has just finished a two-year Level 3 course in Photography at Bath College, because it turns out she loves photography just as much as her Mum does! Since completing this course, she has started a one-year apprenticeship with me before hopefully heading off to University next year to continue her photography studies. 

As daughters go, I would say she is a fairly typical 18-year-old who runs rings round me and is definitely in charge when we’re not working together. She’s inherited my long legs and can be quite shy at first, but she’s really friendly which makes her perfect at weddings. I’ve posted an image or two of her here, so you may spot her at your wedding in future.

Currently Alice is ‘training on the job’ so I don’t charge for her services. She accompanies me to my larger weddings and acts as a supervised second shooter, so she doesn’t cover parts of the wedding alone (such as groom prep) just yet but she does take some different vantage points from me when we’re working together, in order to capture a different perspective of your day. Basically, she acts as a second pair of hands for me, which is wonderful. She’s more than qualified enough for me to trust her with capturing shots of the groom waiting at the front of the church, for example, while I’m waiting outside for the bride to arrive, so those all-important moments don’t get missed. 

Alice uses similar equipment to me. We both shoot Canon (like mother, like daughter!) which really helps me with editing afterwards and keeps your images consistent all the way through. And, as an added bonus, she’ll hopefully be passing her driving test soon so she can drop me off at locations where parking is difficult, allowing me to dash inside and start shooting while she searches for somewhere to park. This will make me even more efficient and will gain valuable minutes for me to shoot, which is always a bonus!

Ultimately, Alice does a very good job of looking after her Mum whilst also giving me the opportunity to boss her about for a bit – because she goes straight back to being the daughter-in-charge once the wedding is over. One thing I do insist on is choosing what Alice wears to work – her sense of fashion is what I would call a little ‘out there’ so I try to get her to dress in keeping with my brand while we’re working together! I’m sure she’s probably eye-rolling me for that.

Outside of weddings, Alice enjoys taking environmental portraits of teenagers, which you can see on her Instagram account – @alicemaewho ( Her style and the way she sees things is very different to me, which definitely adds an interesting dimension to the final set of wedding images I give you. She’s got a great eye – although don’t tell her I told you that! The wedding images in this post are all by Alice. I’m sure you’ll agree she’s very talented and this isn’t just mother’s pride talking!

So far, the mother-daughter combination has been well-received with my couples. It’s definitely not something I know of commonly around these parts and it’s great that we work well together. Secretly, I also love getting the opportunity to spend a bit more time with her, but again, that’s just between us. 

As I mentioned previously, this is very much a training role currently so, for those couples whose weddings Alice does attend, there won’t be any additional charge for her! Just think of her as a fabulous little bonus that will get you some extra photographs. And Alice may well be coming to a wedding near you at some point in the future!


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