A completely different option to the Queensberry range is the BIG BOOK these books are another great way to display your photographs. The BIG BOOK is handsome & well made, they have hardbacks & nice thick satin finished pages, your names and wedding date can be embossed on the front of the buckram cover. These books will stand the test of time and look great left out on your coffee table for you and your visitors to enjoy and relive your day. If you choose this option I will design the book myself and include all of your wedding photos just leaving you to decide on the colour for the cover. I can also include mini A5 versions, great if you would like to surprise the parents with a LITTLE BOOK after the wedding.


No need to make any decisions yet, you can decide after the wedding if the BIG BOOK is something that you would like. The price for the BIG BOOK is £300 or £500 for the BIG BOOK & two LITTLE BOOKS. I can show you some samples of these when we meet.

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