Super calm Clare & last minute Alex

Weddings don’t just happen on a Saturday, folks! When I get asked to cover a shorter mid-week wedding, I’m always excited to take on the challenge of capturing and telling the story of them just as much as the grand Saturday affairs. This gorgeous, relaxed humanist ceremony at the ever-beautiful Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill with Clare and Alex was the perfect example of the smaller, but no less significant, wedding day.

I met Clare and Alex just a few days before their wedding. I feel like this is an important thing to do as it gives me a good idea of the type of couple you are and helps me to figure out what your wedding is going to be like – what’s going to happen and what’s important to the two of you. It also helps me to hash out the best way to document your day!

I quickly realised that these guys were a super laidback couple. They’ve been together a good number of years. They have two daughters and they are clearly comfortable in each other’s company, which made my job a complete breeze. Their plans for their humanist ceremony up at Old Barn were very loose and free – they didn’t really want any specific shots but were happy to freestyle it on the day with a few groups, which left me plenty of time to just get on and shoot whatever I saw in my typical documentary and candid style.

I am more than happy to discuss shorter coverage for couples on a budget so do get in touch if you want to learn more about this. Shorter coverage is only available during the week in peak season though, but if that fits the bill for you, definitely drop me a message.

Congratulations Clare and Alex!

Clare and Alex, who lived together on a canal boat at one time, had just their two daughters and two nieces as flower girls, keeping things simple. I was booked for four hours of coverage, so I met Alex up at Old Barn, where I found him leisurely jotting down his vows in the van outside! I told you these guys were chilled.

Old Barn is a newly renovated barn on a 160-acre working farm at Kelston Roundhill. The rustic brick barn is nestled in amongst the rolling grazing meadows overlooking Kelston Village, somewhere between Bath and Bristol. It is a rural and secluded spot with only a single dirt track leading up to the barn itself, so guests need to prepare themselves for a little stroll! Inside, the barn is typically down-to-earth with its bare stone walls and ceilings that go all the way up to the sky and the large windows at either end of the main hall let in stacks of glorious natural light. There’s a real sense of getting back to basics with this venue and the owner’s ‘leave no trace’ mentality is well-felt in the unspoilt surroundings.

As everyone crowded into the barn, Clare arrived with her Mum, who gave her away. Clare wore a stunning dress with a cute pink waistband and her bouquet and floral crown, by the very talented Ella from Flowers of Bath (, stood out with their deep pinks and dark reds. Alex and Clare had a heart-warming and emotional humanist ceremony (they’d done all the official bits a few days beforehand), with vows they read to each other and a handfasting before everyone joined in with a rousing rendition of The Beatles’ All You Need Is Love.

Afterwards, everyone headed outside for drinks, grabbing bunches of dried flower confetti from enamel dishes as they went and, after some official group photographs, we all headed to Alex’s parent’s house to continue the party in the marquee they had set up in the garden. After capturing more candids, I left as everyone tucked into the food!

All that’s left to say is congratulations, Clare & Alex!


Old Barn sign

Old Barn Kelston

Alex writing his vows

Walking to The Old Barn Kelston

Alex greeting guests

Granny talking to baby

greeting family at The Old Barn Kelston

Old Barn Kelston

hugging Old Barn Kelston

family wait for ceremony

Flowergirls arrive Old Barn Kelston

Bride arrive sin the car Old Barn Kelston

Ceremony v

wedding guests Old Barn Kelston

getting married Old Barn Kelston

Flower girls Old Barn Kelston

Old Barn Kelston

singing Old Barn Kelston

ceremony Old Barn Kelston

Tying the knot Old Barn Kelston

Getting married Old Barn Kelston

Tiny flower girl

first kiss Old Barn Kelston

wedding guests clapping Old Barn Kelston

Alex's Father clapping

getting confetti

old man gets confetti

flower girl gets confetti

Old Barn Kelston

Old Barn Kelston

flower girls Old Barn Kelston

confetti throw

Old Barn Kelston

just married

kissing outside

greeting guests Old Barn Kelston

family picture Old Barn Kelston

Old Barn Kelston

family photo

clare & Alex portraits

all the kids Old Barn Kelston

flower girls on the hill Old Barn Kelston

Group photo Old Barn Kelston

leaving Old Barn


“If you’re getting married at Old Barn Kelston or anywhere in The World, just get in touch for a chat”

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