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A Photographer’s Guide to Planning Your Roman Baths Wedding


I can’t think of a better place to plan a unique, beautiful, romantic wedding than at the Roman Baths. It’s a venue near and dear to me, and it’s just down the road so I can’t rave about it enough. Having shot more than 20 weddings there, as well as being one of their recommended suppliers, I’m well placed to help you with your wedding plans at the Roman Baths. And I reckon their sunrise and sunset ceremonies are the perfect antidote for everything that’s been going on this year! So, here’s one photographer’s guide to planning your Roman Baths wedding.

About the Roman Baths


This spectacular venue, located in the heart of Bath (so named for those very same Roman Baths!), has an incredible history. The baths have been around for almost 2000 years, predating the Romans’ arrival in England. But it was the Romans who recognised the benefits of the spring and built the baths to allow people to enjoy them.

The beautiful building that stands today was built in the 1700s. It now functions as a museum through the day, with weddings and events happening outside of the museum’s opening hours.

Weddings at The Roman baths

Wedding ceremonies can take place in the early morning, around 8.3 am, or in the evening at about 7.30 pm. These really are the best two times of day for a wedding ceremony! Both sunrise and sunset light is always beautiful and makes everything look wonderful and dreamy.

The torch-lit and steaming waters of the baths make a stunning backdrop. The incredible atmosphere and that 2000-year history create a memorable way to exchange your marriage vows.

The venue also offers you the opportunity to hold your reception in the Pump Room or on the Terrace. Your guests will be blown away by the grandeur of this place, I promise you!

Roman bath sunrise
Roman bath sunrise
Roman bath sunrise

Let’s Talk Sunrise Ceremonies


If you decide to plan a morning ceremony at the Roman Baths, it’s worth knowing a few things. First, you’ll need to arrive around 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony to meet with the registrars. Meanwhile, your guests will be ushered down to the baths, giving them some time to appreciate the beauty of the space.

It’s worth noting that the baths don’t always steam! It does need to be colder outside than in for this to happen. So, a cold, winter’s day wedding is your best opportunity for that lovely steamy atmosphere.

There are two options for the location of your ceremony – the East baths, or the baths on the York Street side. I’ll always recommend the York Street side as the East baths are relatively narrow and not suitable for more than a few guests. The York Street side is wider, with a view of Bath Abbey in the background. There’s also more room for a big group shot from that side too.

Roman bath sunset ceremony
Roman bath sunset ceremony
Roman bath sunset ceremony

Five Top Tips for your Roman Baths Wedding

#1: Folks, this venue is old. And that usually means an uneven floor. Be prepared and wear some sensible (ish) shoes, especially if you’d like some photos of you walking down the aisle not staring at the floor!

#2: You don’t need to worry about rain as the ceremony locations are all undercover. It’s also so pretty when it rains as you can see the raindrops landing in the baths!

#3: Morning ceremonies are better for lots of natural light. If you’re set on an evening ceremony, do bear in mind I may need another pair of hands to help with lighting so I can get you the photos that you’re dreaming of!

#4: Remember, time at the baths is limited. The doors to the public open at 9 am in the summer months so we’ll need to be speedy with your group and couple photos. There’s a little more time in the evening, but you’re expected to leave the baths at 9 pm if you’re not eating there. Try and keep your group shot list to a minimum so we can fit in some shots just of the two of you as well. Do check those timings with the venue though, as this may have changed.

#5: Your guests can throw confetti on the main steps outside. If it’s dark, we’ll still have a go with some flash. Even if they’re not perfect photos, it’s a great moment to capture!

Sunset ceremony Roman baths
Roman bath sunset ceremony
Barley Wood wedding Photographer

– After Your Ceremony –


You may decide to have your reception at the baths themselves. Evening guests can eat in the gallery area or The Pump Room. But if not, there are some other great options you can look at doing.

After the sunrise ceremony, some couples like to take their guests for a literal wedding breakfast! Some great places nearby I would recommend are The Ivy, The Bird and Bills, as well as The Pump Room, of course!

Given the proximity to the town centre, I’ll whisk you off for a quick ‘about town’ shoot as well, either before or after breakfast.

Why I should be your Roman Baths Wedding Photographer


Did I already mention I’m a recommended supplier at the venue? And that I’ve shot more than 40 weddings there? Guys, there’s a reason I love and shout about this venue, and it’s not just because it’s in my home town and not too far from home. I also know the place like the back of my hand, and I’m more than happy to advise you on places to stay, parking and the great suppliers I know who will make your day perfect.

If getting married at the Roman Baths is your absolute dream, then let me be the photographer to capture it all for you! Get in touch and let’s hop on a Zoom to figure things out!

wedding photography Roman Baths
wedding photography Roman Baths
wedding photography Roman Baths

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