There’s no debate here as far as I’m concerned, you simply cannot match the experience of holding your beautifully printed album in your hands in comparison to sharing photographs on a screen.


Without doubt the photos do look great on screen and digital photos are an easy way to share with your nearest and dearest, but what happens in 50 years time? Who knows …. maybe they will all just be sitting there in the cloud waiting for your grandchildren to remember the password or perhaps you didn’t even get them to the cloud and the PC broke! It sat in the cupboard waiting for someone clever to get the photos off then finally they ended up at the tip! What if computers stop reading jpegs and you have to get them all converted to something else but never get around to it?

An album will last a lifetime, it’s easy you get it off the bookshelf and its there all ready to go, to share and reminisce over.

My love for photography stemmed from looking at my grandparent’s photo albums, I was a nightmare for peeling back the sticky page and lifting the photo out to see if anyone had written anything on the back! (Showing my age now) I knew all the stories & people that went with the photos, and if I didn’t I made them up.

I can’t imagine that a digital album would be nearly as satisfying, knowing that my predecessors had handled the photos and written on them is what made the whole experience special for me, its that feeling of having something tangible from the past that I was not part of ….. but belonged to.

This is why I tell my couples the album isn’t really for them, it’s for the others who you may not even know yet!

The value lies in time – a family heirloom.

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