Do you really need an album when your photos look this good on screen?

As far as I’m concerned there is no debate. Can you compare the sheer delight of holding your beautifully printed album in your hands or sharing photographs digitally on a screen? Of course, photos look fabulous on screen and it’s incredibly easy to share them with your nearest and dearest but will they still be there in 50 years time? Or will they be resting idly in your cloud while your grandchildren fruitlessly search for the required password?

Maybe they never make it to the cloud and they sit on an old computer somewhere before they are forgotten and the old PC is marched off to the tip! Or (getting carried away now) perhaps computers stop reading jpegs and you never get round to converting them into something else?

In contrast, an album will last a lifetime. Either nestling in its box or taking pride of place on your bookshelves, it’s readily available for reminiscing whenever the wish arises. My love for photography began many years ago. I would spend hours at my grandparent’s house studying their many photo albums, peeling back the sticky film, lifting the photographs out, desperately wanting there to be something written on the back (yes I’m that old)! I found out all I could about the people in the photos and their many stories. Despite its usefulness, I doubt a digital album would be nearly as satisfying. The knowledge that generations of my own family had actually handled the photographs and written their own interpretations on the back is what made the experience so special for me. Its a tangible connection to the past. A past I wasn’t part of but one I most definitely belong to. Its why I tell my couples that the album isn’t really for them. It’s for the future generations they may not ever even meet.

Beautiful products from A Tall Long Legged Bird


A Tall Long Legged Bird also offers additional USB Boxes & beautiful Fine Art Prints. You can also buy framed prints, canvas wraps and loads of other beautiful products via the online gallery. Explore the Example Gallery and products here.

Stunning Queensberry Albums


The Queensberry

A Tall Long Legged Bird; offers the finest Queensberry albums, the quality is outstanding. The great thing I love about Queensberry is the ability to design something, which is completely unique to you. You choose every element of the album from paper type to cover materials, the options are endless and all in the best possible taste! If you would like an album after your wedding, we can work together to design something, which you will treasure forever. Prices vary considerably depending on the options that you choose.  Head over to my ‘designing your album page’ to get started on ordering your album. 

£400 -£800

USB white wooden branded box


Cute USB Boxes

These are great to give to the parents, they can never get their heads around downloading. They can go off with their stick to Boots and print to their heart’s content without bothering you. Perfect.


Beautiful wooden print and USB box


USB Box with Fine Art Prints

Gorgeous wooden box and 25 fine art prints. On the USB you will find two folders, one with your entire collection of images in colour and the other a complete set in black & white.  This is something special to look forward to after your digital images have arrived and it’s something real that you can keep forever.


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