My first public appearance and marketing campaign will begin at The Cheltenham Wedding Show, which is being held on 15 / 16 February 2014 at Cheltenham Racecourse. Come along and meet me and admire my (hopefully) beautiful stand! In the past months I’ve been busy preparing for the show, in my previous life I was an interior designer, this has helped with the planning of my booth. I have designed my stand not only to best present the style of my photography but to represent what my brand has to offer as a whole.

Since graduating from university in June 2013, I have been developing my brand and trying to define what A Tall Long Legged Bird can offer which is different from the other wedding photographers. Standing out in a saturated market is a challenge that I am prepared to embrace to achieve my goal of becoming a successful wedding photojournalist. An obvious starting point was the name I have chosen. I could have called myself Kerry James Photography, but I think I would have died of boredom every time I looked at it. I’m not boring, neither is my brand so why would I give it a boring name? I am a ‘tall long-legged bird’ who has a sense of humour, and I’m not afraid to take risks; so I thought I would chance it. I think it’s memorable enough so hopefully, you won’t forget it quickly.

Last year I took a life direction course, I was unsure of which direction to make after completing university, it was at the course I discovered I wanted to become a photographer, not a graphic designer. One of the questions my coach asked was; what animal would you like to be? I wasn’t allowed to overthink about the answer, as he wanted an impulse reply. I responded with a flamingo, they look beautiful, loiter around in large groups sunning themselves and fly off somewhere even better when they have had enough. Perfect!

Although I appreciate I am neither pink nor beautiful and a touch over my sale by date I do have long legs! The flamingo logo was born, it so happens, that flamingos pair for life which I thought rather apt considering I would be documenting couples who are coming together for life. My brand is me, and everything that I am or inspire to be: Authentic, open-minded, brave, stylish but at the same time classic, colourful, cheerful, timeless and unique. These are my qualities, and this is what I offer as a brand. These qualities’ will be visible in everything I do from my website through to my photography, customer service and product lines.

If you have made the time to read this thank you!

And if you need a photojournalist with long legs albeit a touch past the sale by date A Tall Long Legged Bird is ready and waiting!

Find out more, book a meeting, fancy a nice glossy brochure?

The Old Farmhouse, Castle Farm, Farmborough, Bath, BA2 0DD
Tel: 07809 459478

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